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Environmental and Recycling tips:

Here is a page I wrote about this subject :

Here's another source of ideas
It is where I found the information quoted below - posted with permission:

State of Ohio website for reducing and recyling


The best way to reduce waste is to not produce it in the first place.

A lot of this is plain-old frugality:

It pays to examine your purchases from time to time and determine which ones you really needed. See how you can parlay the next purchase into less waste. Find out if other people might get further use out of items you are planning to discard.

Many of the products we buy, from household cleaners to prepared meals, are conveniences that replace things we could make for ourselves.

Preparing your own cleaning supplies and making home-cooked meals reduce packaging waste and bring other benefits.

Many household cleaners contain toxic chemicals which pose a health threat to people, plants and animals when they are produced, used and thrown away.

Prepared foods are often higher in salt, sugar and fat and lower in nutritional value than meals you make yourself.

Society moves at a fast clip, and we all don't have the time or skills to make our own soap or can our own tomatoes, but almost anyone can mix vinegar and water for window cleaner or bite into an apple instead of unwrapping a chocolate-apple-granola power bar.

Often we replace clothing because we're tired of looking at it, appliances because they're broken, electronics because we're eager to move on to the next upgrade.

If we can't always resist the call to spend, we still can prevent waste. Take clean, undamaged clothing and appliances needing minor repairs to secondhand stores.

Several nonprofit agencies in Ohio will refurbish your old computer for use by Ohio schools and nonprofit agencies and recycle what they can't put back in circulation.
A list of such agencies operating in Ohio can be found from the DRLP home page.

Send me a photo of how YOU are working to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and I might post it in my blog !

Are you looking for Vintage-Antique items to furnish your home ?

www.constructionjunction.org is located in Pittsburgh, Pa
Here's a quote from their website:
"At Construction Junction our mission is to support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials. We strive to keep usable building materials out of the landfills..."

* Handcrafted products like handmade goat milk soaps, my perfumes, body balms and lip balms... at Diana’s in Hubbard, Ohio are packaged with as little waste as possible (and still be sanitary) - and recycling is encouraged.

An example of this is my Bath "Teas".    I use 100% cotton muslin bags and 100% natural ingredients for the "Tea" itself too.    The whole bag is designed to be refillable if desired or the bags - along with their contents - can be composted.

Also, I offer Refills for several of my products in my store.
I sell these Refills at a discount eventhough they cost me about the same because I want to encourage my customers to buy the refills.

Do your part

   Don't litter

Plants cure

See beauty

Earth = HOME

Buy my home spa products... or not - but - BUY natural/organic

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