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Organic - Local Honey & Products are always best !

A friend of mine from Hubbard, Ohio has started hives of his own and when he has extra honey, he will be selling some at my gift shop.
If you know of any other local beekeepers who use organic methods, please let me know so I can help support them by getting the word out.

Here is a quote from a beekeeper:

"Raw, local honey will always crystallize over time, especially in the winter time. Keeping it in the refrigerator will cause it to crystallize, but it may also get moisture in the honey which will make it sour.
* Honey should NOT be kept in the refrigerator.
* It will stay fresh in a sealed, moisture-free container indefinitely.
Honey that will not crystallize may have corn syrup added or it may have been heat-treated to prevent crystallization. Most, if not all, commercial honey products have been heat-treated to make them have longer shelf lives without crystallizing. Heat treatment kills the enzymes in the honey that are so beneficial to health as well as decreasing its nutritional value.

To make sure that you are NOT getting corn syrup in your honey, buy from raw honey from a LOCAL beekeeper who believes in doing things naturally.

Most areas have local bee clubs or associations that you can contact via the internet (Googling) or through your local extension office.

Raw, local honey has a distinctive flavor depending on the source of the nectar, -which trees, flowers, vegetables, etc., that the bees got the nectar from. A local beekeeper could tell you the local sources for his bees.

I have been accused of putting perfume in my honey, because it had a flower like essence and taste to it. How else would it taste if the nectar source were wildflowers?" ;-)

Margaret, local beekeeper in Waco, Texas

More information here

Honeybees are fuzzy, the smooth-shiny-slick characters are hornets or wasps, so don't blame bees for wasp or hornet stings. Honeybees are too busy working to bother you. I've worked side by side with them in the flower garden and don't get stung by honeybees. When I do get stung it is by a yellow jacket. They are about the same color as honeybees, but are not fuzzy + they do not have the "If you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone" attitude that bees have. Yellow jackets and other wasps/hornets will chase you, a bee will ignore you unless it has no other choice. Remember a bee dies if it stings.

The joys of cooking with honey (from beekeepers who use NO chemicals on or around their bees) are great taste and better health too.

Honey has many uses. OhioHoney.com is a good resource. They are near Cleveland, Ohio.

See your local organic beekeeper.

For more information on honey:

Mother Earth News - The Honey Trip

Mother Earth News - Healing with Honey

Local Honey
Honey Bee


Hummingbird with flower


& Butterflies
purple Butterfly





   or chemical

   Flowers !!!

  fertilizers !!!

Please support your local organic farm markets !
Thank You !

Diana's Gift Shop of Hubbard, Ohio
Use Organic Honey. Look for Organic Beekeepers
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