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Here's what's new at Diana's Vintage & Gift Shop in Hubbard, Ohio.

Even birds love a good long bath!

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Change the look or feel of your yard or garden haven.
For example, add a bird bath, a bird feeder, a fountain, a figurine, windchimes, a sundial, a brightly-colored chair-bench, lighting, an arbor, a trellis, a pond or almost anything that strikes your fancy!
Many of these can be made from recycled "junk".
Go on a treasure hunt to see what you can make for your garden.
How about making wind chimes out of old silverware or broken jewelry?

So far I have a birdbath, several birdfeeders, a few bird houses (one that my youngest made with "help" from Daddy), many windchimes, a few trellises, some unusual planters & water features, vintage chairs, logs, and other decorations.

As I write this, I'm planning a stepping stone path to my front door.

Another project will be to make a better parking area.
I'll keep you posted so watch for the *UPDATES*.

*UPDATE* Diana's Organic Garden of Handmade Soaps... in Hubbard Ohio has news ! Hubbard, Ohio, 7-14-05

I've had the grass cleared off for a 4' x 20'+ "path" and dug down 6" deep.   I dug a trench 8" wide by 4"+ deep down the length of the "path" to allow for drainage of rain water without my plants-soil-mulch... being disturbed.   We put 3"+ of gravel (over & above what went in the trench) and 3" of sand over that.   After it settled a while, I placed the stepping stones in their respective positions.   We bought the mulch, but are waiting until I can get the plants (creeping thyme?) and the organic humus with composted manure to grow them in.   I can only find this humus at Kmart so as soon as I get a chance, I'll go and get at least a dozen bags.

*UPDATE* -Fall '05-
Diana's walkway to the front door when almost done.
I was able to plant thyme along the borders of the path.   It's not creeping thyme, but it is still nice.   I put little resin lawn/garden "critters" in between the plants and I added some solar lights along one side of the walkway.   The lights give off a soft golden glow at night -beautiful!   I still need to find something to go over the sand that is between the stepping stones.   I would like to use tiny yellow (or maybe green) stones to accent the area and keep the sand from tracking into the house/shop.

*UPDATE* - March 10, 2006 -

I finally got rid of the ads, banners and pop-ups on my website by paying a yearly fee. It was worth it !

*Update* - April '06 -
walkway to the front door when done.
I have planted more herb seeds by my walkway and of course had to do some more weeding!    I found the small sized pea gravel that I had a hard time getting.   It is not the color that I wanted (I couldn't find the yellow, green, black or white locally),  but at least it's tan so my gray and brown stepping stones don't blend in so much that they seem invisible.

*UPDATE* - April 12, 2007 -
I have a new little parking area next to my driveway.
It is only for one car, but it will things easier for my customers.
Now, when you pull into my driveway - you can just turn left into a parking space (next to the old trumpet vine where the orange car is - see the little sign tucked into the vine that my young daughter made ?) instead of having to pull around behind my house.
Parking area When you leave, drive over the gravel onto the road. Now you wont have to turn around beside my shed.
Also, PLEASE DO NOT USE my neighbors driveway.
For some odd reason they are connected, but only the side by my house/gift shop is mine.
This is why I added the other parking spot in my yard by the trumpet vine - to give folks another option and to keep my customers out of my neighbors driveway.

*UPDATE* - May 6&7 '06

My son and youngest daughter helped me to weed the flower beds in front and on one side of the house.   We also planted my Grandma's yellow Irises by the shed and then mulched there too.

*UPDATE*I no longer have a gift shop at my house.
Diana's Gift Shop is now located at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road (routes 62/7) in Hubbard, Ohio

*UPDATE* - Updates will be on my blog page (see menu at the top of the page) from now on.

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