copper jewelry

our newest designer

Visit Diana's for more information.    Photographic examples are shown below:

Examples of Designs by E

Free Form Copper Choker
Freeform Choker necklace in copper by E     
Close-up of Free Form Copper Choker
close up of freeform copper choker     

  Free Form Pendant 1
FreeForm Pendant 1 by E                           close up of FreeForm Pendant 1                         
Free Form Pendant 2
FreeForm Pendant 2 by E                          close up of FreeForm Pendant 2

  Free Form Pendant 3
FreeForm Pendant 3 by E     

Free Form 'Twisted & Hammered' Pendant
FreeForm Twisted and Hammered Pendant by E     

Free Form ZigZag necklace with a faux Pink Pearl
FreeForm ZigZag Necklace with Pink faux Pearl