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What do Diana's customers say about the products ?

Diana's Goat Milk soaps featuring my homegrown chemical-free herbs and flowers

Rachel, a repeat customer I met through the (now defunct) trading site PoshPoints.com, writes:
"I am starting to run a bit low on soaps...    I have gotten so spoiled useing the ones you make I have not touched a bar of store bought in a long long time   Oh and I also used my last bath tea (I save them for special times they really do freeze well!!!!). ... thanks muches!!

Laura, a repeat customer looking to buy gifts, writes:
"How about making up an assortment of your soaps? Any would be fine. Those always make nice gifts."

I asked Ryan, a first-time customer from Shaker Heights:
"Hello Ryan !     I thought I would check in with you and see how my products are working for you.     It takes about 3 weeks of STEADY use to really get the full effect and benefits of real soap so I hope you have been using them often.     What kind of results are you seeing ? Ryan answered:
"Your soaps work great and I will definitely order some more.     They are real mild and I can use them on my hair as well.     Thanks a lot"

Here's what Brenda - a "Rescue My Skin" soap customer through my online store had to say :
"I love the soap I got from Diana!!
It lathers great, smells good and most importantly, it makes my skin feel SO soft.
She ships VERY fast, too!   Please check out her store
http://organicgiftsbydiana.ecrater.com/ "

Diana's Rescue My Skin Balm with infused herbs and flowers
Annette, a friend from the GardenHere.com forum who sent me some of her organically grown yarrow, writes:
"Hi Diana, Wow!    I'm impressed with the great quality of the healing balm you sent me.    I've already used it on chapped lips, a cracked heel which I cannot even feel after one application, and I'm looking forward to using it on scrapes and cuts that I always get when I'm gardening.
Thank you so much, and I'll start gathering some of this years Yarrow crop soon.    (in short pieces LOL) My garden thanks you too, for allowing a part of it to be put in such a prestegious product!!"
I wrote back: "Do you mind if I use your praise as a testamonial on my website and/or blogs ?"
She answered:
"Absolutely!    Please do!    I meant every word of it!     I think you have a wonderful combination of healing herbs in this product."

Diana's car/closet/drawer... Sachets
"Diana, if you haven't already sent out my shoe sachets, you can add these 3 all-natural Cedar/Lavender sachets to it.     I don't mind the wait.     i love the other sachets i got from you and these are going to be good for my drawers.     Thanks,Lisa"

Debi owner of the (now defunct) forum and directory - The Selling Lounge, left many comments for me in her forum. I wish I had known to save them before it closed.

Diana's Shoe sachets and Natural room scenting pillows...
Faye, who has bought box after box of my products, writes:
"...if you have not had the pleasure of buying any of her homemade goodies, I suggest you do.     She makes the best smelling soap, pillows, sachets and the list goes on.   Getting a box from her is so refreshing because just the box will make your entire room smell good.   She goes out of her way to make the shopping experience wonderful.   She saved my butt big time at Christmas by helping me out.   She grows of a lot of her own herbs and flowers etc.   Her stuff does not look "homemade" but it does have a certain country charm.   She is very gifted and talented and has great taste.   I have her sachets in every closet, every drawer, every shoe and every bed has a pillow on it!   Or will have once I get my next order.   I cannot say enough about her products and her.   She is a great person to deal with.   Her daughter is also very talented and helps her out and even has her own web page.   So if you have not already bought from her, I suggest you do.   IF she has anything left after I got through buying stuff from her!   Thanks so much Diana!"

My Customer Service

A sweet lady found my old, Buy It Sell It store (I am now on eCrater.com) and asked to buy some lavender in order to make a pillow for a gift.
Here is what she has to say:
"IT'S HERE ALREADY! And it's lovely. From now on you'll be known to me as the 'Lavender Lady.'
I just can't thank you enough for your attention to my request. This has been an entirely perfect transaction--you truly understand the concept of customer satisfaction. Thank you so much.

And diana, you can certainly use the above paragraph as a testimonial--see, i even used capital letters. again. thank you and now i'm going and finish the pillow. sincerely, marianne"

Want to sing the praises of one of my products and possibly have your comment included here ?